When business owners and managers delegate tasks to employees, they can usually manage these tasks and solve problems on their own. Where task delegation often fails, however, is when a manager delegates the responsibility for a task to an employee without granting them the necessary authority to complete the task effectively or at all.

Often in the early stages of a business, a business owner will often have an excess amount of time on their hands. This results in them taking a scatter-gun approach to securing new work, whereby they will take many varied jobs. However, this means that they often end up with more work than their resources will allow, so a common response is to hire a new person to cope with the workload.

In David's career, he has noticed three main categories of leadership, and termed them The Dictator, The Collaborator and The Labrador. He admits to having been all three at different times, and sometimes each has its benefit. A summary of each is as follows.

Quality electrical power design engineering is crucial for large scale industrial projects. The elements in your building that require electricity, such as power, lighting, heating, cooling and water amenities, require meticulous planning before being incorporated into the building structure.

For this week's Two Minute Tuesday, we would like to invite all electrical engineers in Perth and WA to our annual Power Protection and Innovation Conference taking place on 14 August (Wednesday) at the Westin, Perth. PPI is a networking-style conference founded in WA, for WA, with our unique set of challenges and markets.

One of the unique aspects to Teck Global is our multidisciplinary nature. By combining an engineering office and an electrical workshop, we've been able to create a fully integrated team of engineers, electricians and more. We're able to move quickly, having designs completed at the end of one day and being built at the start of the next day.

In Perth, it's common for people to work on a face-to-face basis. In fact, we're much more likely to work with people that we've met before, or that are introduced to us by someone we know and trust. In these days of lowest cost client bids, trust plays an integral role for whether you even make it into the ring at all.

In a startup business' early stages, managers can often struggle with the sheer number of administrative tasks that need to be completed. Accounting, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, tax compliance, HR systems, process and systems... it's often a mountain of work that needs to be done.

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