In this video, David introduces the managers of the new Teck Global managerial structure and takes us on a tour of the new office.

The 2019 Power, Protection and Innovation conference is under four weeks away, and tickets are selling out.

Teck Global has moved into a new office, just down the road from the Welshpool workshop.

Teck Global had a stellar 2018-2019 financial year and continues to expand. David discusses how Teck has grown to the point where their existing Welshpool office has filled to the brim, and thus will be expanding to an office down the road.

Teck Global has recently completed its largest transportable electrical switchroom to date.

Today's Two Minute Tuesday deals with the idea of Core Competencies versus Strategic Partnerships. In its early stages, a business usually has limited resources and many tasks it needs to do. At some point, the business needs to decide what the core capabilities of the business will be, what the staff will focus on and where it will learn its lessons.

Selecting the right power distribution transformer is vital in ensuring that the electrical functions in your facility operate efficiently. However, there are lots of things to consider before making your final decision for any given project.

Quality electrical power design engineering is crucial for large scale industrial projects. The elements in your building that require electricity, such as power, lighting, heating, cooling and water amenities, require meticulous planning before being incorporated into the building structure.

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