Teck Global had a stellar 2018-2019 financial year and continues to expand. David discusses how Teck has grown to the point where their existing Welshpool office has filled to the brim, and thus will be expanding to an office down the road.

Another point that David discusses in the video above relates to Teck Global's goals and KPIs. He says it is important for a business manager to have KPIs for the overall business, keeping that manager accountable. Additionally, these KPIs can be translated to those that report to the manager.

This year, Teck Global will begin sourcing renewable work; not just projects, but also maintenance contracts. The company will also modify its organisational structure to better suit both the needs of its employees as well as give different employees the ability to develop in their preferred direction.

Finally, the expansion and growth has lead Teck to require more staff. If you are an engineer with an electrical, protection and/or project background, David encourages you to get in touch with him.

For those looking for further information or discussion around electrical projects and maintenance, we encourage you to get in contact with us for a chat!

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