What is electrical power design engineering?

This is the design of electrical systems to allow for the supply and distribution of electrical power through a network to the required loads. The primary goal is to generate the required amount of power and distribute it to where it’s required, whilst doing this in a safe, reliable and efficient manner. Projects typically involve a primary supply voltage ranging from 3.3kV up to 330kV, and a local supply at 415V three-phase.

Why do electrical power systems need to be engineered?

The primary considerations of electrical power design are safely, reliability of supply and the reduction of power losses over distance that occur as a result of transmitting electricity using power lines.

How is a quality electrical power network designed?

Clearly defined specifications and requirements are paramount to a well-designed distribution network. Experience has shown that expectations can be met if proper planning is undertaken and good communication is maintained throughout a project's duration.

What is common in poorly designed electrical power distribution networks?

If requirements are improperly defined or analysed, the resulting implementation can be prone to unnecessary power loss or failure to consistently meet network maximum demand loading. This can result in additional costs for power generation or insufficient power supplied to local plant and equipment. Clearly, this can result in costs that range from simple financial expenditure to severe disruptions to plant operations.

Why should a client have Teck Global design their electrical power distribution network?

At Teck Global, we believe in providing high value to our clients such that a superior service is provided whilst costs are kept within budget. We do this, in part, by completing testing in Perth wherever possible and on-site where required to ensure factory acceptance testing, high voltage submissions and installation works meet specifications. Safety and reducing risk to our personnel is of paramount importance to us, and this is reflected in all that we do. These factors result in projects that are delivered safely, on time and are fit-for-purpose.

Our objective is to continually satisfy our client's needs and deliver projects that result in return business. We encourage anyone with electrical power engineering needs to contact us and see how we might be of help.

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