Engineer testing and commissioning a kiosk substation
Engineer testing and commissioning a kiosk substation

Testing and commissioning forms part of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) process and is essential to ensure equipment delivered to site operates safely, reliably and to design specifications.

Testing and commissioning processes

Testing and commissioning is typically carried out either as part of the equipment supply contract, or separately through an independent contractor. The testing and commissioning process depends on the type of equipment supplied. Some of the more common types include:

Kiosk substations

Kiosk substations typically include a distribution transformer, high voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear and a remote operator panel. Testing and commissioning for a kiosk substation includes:

  1. Inspecting panels, cables and fixings
  2. Insulation resistance testing
  3. Conductor resistance (ductor) testing
  4. Interlock function testing
  5. High potential testing
  6. Equipment model verification
  7. Labelling verification
  8. Redesign modifications, where applicable
  9. Punchlisting
  10. As-built drawing updates

LV switchboards

  1. Inspection of bus bar insulation
  2. Injection testing and confirmation of overcurrent protection operation, including long time, short time and instantaneous elements
  3. Verification of arc flash sensor and relay operation, where applicable


  1. Winding resistance testing
  2. Winding ratio testing

Quality testing and commissioning

Quality testing and commissioning relies on a well-developed and logical step-by-step testing procedure. Correction of faults is typically a process of elimination, with common issues identified and investigated first. Documentation of lessons learned and sharing of knowledge are essential in maintaining a cycle of continuous improvement.

Typical problems in electrical testing and commissioning

Ineffective testing and commissioning can be a result of poorly developed testing procedures and/or a lack of time and resources. Projects delivered with poor quality testing and commissioning may result in unsafe installations, plant downtime and costly rework.

Teck Global can help with your electrical testing and commissioning needs

Our expertise in design, on-site experience and troubleshooting ability result in superior testing and commissioning outcomes. Quality, relevant documentation is suppled to our clients, ensuring that handovers leave them with the knowledge they need to operate their equipment safely and efficiently. We engage in continuous improvement, and our streamlined processes deliver value-for-money to our clients.

We encourage any prospective clients to contact us to discuss their needs and what Teck Global may be able to provide them with.

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