What does transformer maintenance normally involve?

Transformers, like many other pieces of equipment, need scheduled maintenance to maximise their operational lives. An integral part of equipment longevity is transformer oil testing. Annual oil samples should be taken and tested, then allowing oil streamlining to be used to restore the oil to its optimal state. The process removes impurities, such as moisture, from the oil and improves the dielectric strength of the insulating medium, thereby increasing asset life. The process of streamlining should be tailored to the test results by selecting appropriate filter media.

Transformer testing also involves a visual inspection, inspection of its seals, and breather inspection and maintenance. Additionally, an acoustic partial discharge (a non-destructive test) gives an indication of the remaining working life of the transformer, allowing clients to increase the accuracy of budgeting, and allowing for preventative maintenance and forecasting.

What types of oil streamlining are there?

Oil streamlining can be done with and without filtration. When filters are used, they are often made from activated carbon. However, clay filters can be used when specific issues are identified during transformer oil testing.

Why should transformer oil streamlining and maintenance be done?

In the worst case, an unmaintained transformer can suffer an internal arc, leading to catastrophic failure and potential explosion. Appropriate maintenance of transformers removes impurities, moisture and slows decay of cellulose insulation. This results in increased the longevity of the transformer, and can give an accurate picture of the remaining life of the transformer. From this, the recommendation of upgrades or replacement to avoid unnecessary risks to safety or budgets in the future can occur.

What does high quality transformer maintenance servicing involve?

When it comes to transformer testing, minimal downtime is generally paramount to client operations. A service and maintenance solution that allows flexibility and efficiency is often chosen over options which lead to unnecessary or excessive operational losses.

What is characteristic of poor transformer maintenance?

Inexperienced maintenance operators can create oil spills, cause transformer damage or act in unsafe ways. Inadequate preparation or experience in the field leads to unnecessary business risks, whose consequences can be expensive and dangerous.

Superior transformer maintenance and oil streamlining

At Teck Global, we work with our clients to allow operations to continue as quickly as possible. Our ability to be flexible, as well as our experience and knowledge of transformer supplies, makes our offering competitive. Additionally, we service all over Perth, the Pilbara and the South West of Western Australia. We utilise trailer-mounted streamliners with generators to avoid provision of client resources. We encourage anyone with transformer maintenance and oil streamlining needs in WA to contact us to see how we can help.

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