Key Features

  • Radiator fins are integrated into the wall of the transformer
  • Hermetically sealed tank
  • Up to 3.75 MVA / 36kV
  • IEC Bushings for HV connections (no cable box required, able to visually inspect)
  • Smaller physical footprint
  • Type tested transformers approved for use on the French National Grid
  • MEPS compliance
  • Robotic welds
  • Top mounted HV bushings – lower strain and no leakage
  • Download datasheet



Teck Global’s Fin Wall Transformers are a reliable, cost effective, low maintenance transformer suitable for mining environments and easily integrated into our kiosk substations. The advanced design and features allows for an overall improved product compared to a standard transformer.


Fin Wall transformers have folded fins integrated the tank rather than separate external radiators that need to be connected to the main core housing. This eliminates flange connections to each radiator and allows better heat transfer from the core to these fins. Each fin wall is robotically folded, allowing for precise and consistent fabrication across every unit supplied.


Top-mounted HV bushings help eliminate leaks due to forces from supporting cable weight over time. Horizontal bushings can end up supporting cable weights, particularly on terminations completed on site which. This can cause leaking bushings over time or even stress fractures of the bushing itself.

A common fault point in transformers is due to the clogging of a breather in the HV cable box. This stops air circulation and creates an ozone build-up, rapidly increasing termination degradation and risks allowing a partial discharge to occur across phases.

IEC Type C connections are used instead for HV terminations, which eliminates the need for a cable box. With no cable box there is no breather to clean, no termination degradation from and no arc fault. Type C connections used are UV stabilized, rated for full sunlight temperature exposure and have a 30 year service life.

Sealed Tank

A key benefit of a fin wall transformer is being able to fully fill the transformer tank. The tank is filled under vacuum and does not require a nitrogen blanket as there is no other medium required.

A standard transformer dissipates heat through the external radiator fins and requires space in the system to allow for the expansion of the oil as the temperature increases. With a fin wall transformer, the fins themselves expand and contract on temperature changes, allowing the tank to be completely filled without an air pocket.

A standard transformer’s nitrogen blanket has to be refilled over time, with a fin wall transformer this is another maintenance requirement that has been eliminated. No nitrogen also means that there is no reaction with oil and no dissolved gas analysis of oil is needed to be completed as routine maintenance.

Additional protection

No nitrogen blanket required in the system allows for a Buchholz relay to be installed. This allows for the detection of any other gases caused by a fault within the transformer. Normally this would not be possible to detect in a standard transformer build but as the tank is fully filled, the Buchholz relay allows for early detection of a fault before it can become a major issue.

Teck Global as Exclusive Distributor

Teck Global has partnered with Cahors Group as the exclusive distributor of their fin wall transformers for Australia. These fin wall transformers are used internationally across countless projects and approved for use on the French National Grid. Their reliability and minimal maintenance requirements make them suitable for any standard transformer application up to 3.75 MVA.

Teck Global supply Fin Wall Transformers

We serve clients through Perth and Western Australia with ordering the right fin wall transformers for their project needs. Through our years of experience, we know what constitutes a quality installation versus what is likely to cause unnecessary costs, operational downtime or excessive safety risks for our clients.

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