What are kiosk substations?

Kiosk substations house electrical equipment, such as transformers, designed to reduce a higher reticulation voltage down to a lower distribution voltage to be used in a local area (e.g. for a commercial building, workshop). Kiosk substations include protection and control equipment to avoid hazardous electrical discharges as well as to maintain a continuous and reliable local power supply.

Teck Global kiosk substations can be customised to contain HV switchgear or RMUs (ring main units), transformers and LV switchgear, colloquially known as PDPs (Power Distribution Panels) or MSBs (Main Switchboards). They differ from normal electrical substations primarily by size (and therefore capacity), cost and transportability.

Our Kiosk substations are transportable, compact, and designed for the harsh Australian environment including the Pilbara. This makes them a cost-effective solution for delivering reliable and robust power distribution.

Kiosk substation design and implementation

General design

A kiosk substation is designed using a Single Line Diagram and a Specification. We have typical designs to save on price and lead time or the designs can be fully customised. Our team of engineers can also assist with protection, automation and communications integration within the kiosk.

Quality kiosk substation design

We find that quality outcomes for kiosk substation design and implementation require tight integration with our equipment suppliers and thorough electrical knowledge. Continuous improvement and continued client engagement is essential to providing products that serve our customers for the entire life cycle.

When kiosk substations are used

Kiosk substations provide a reliable way to step down voltage in a very small footprint for a much smaller cost than a transportable switchroom. This makes them especially suited to brownfields installations where space is at a premium and site works can be difficult to schedule and perform. A kiosk substation is easily transported on a flatbed truck and offloaded onto site with minimal site acceptance testing required.

The Teck Global Difference

Teck Global case studies show that kiosk substations provide better value over traditional site installed equipment. These savings result from reduced civil works, as our kiosk transformers are already double-bunded. Additionally, we reduce site costs through labour hours, since terminations, testing and commissioning can be completed off-site at our workshop.

Why choose Teck Global's kiosk substations?

At Teck Global, we are passionate about engineering. Our focus on secondary design results in faster delivery, drawings that our clients understand and fewer engineering hours via our dedicated, Perth-based team.

Additionally, we provide quality control and assurance, including factory inspections, punch lists, FATs, documentation, client witnessing, pre-commissioning and testing in Perth before delivery to site. As a result, we have found this leads to better client outcomes and project delivery.

Our local team provides our clients a level of security that other kiosk substation designers cannot match. We encourage interested parties to get in contact to see how Teck can best suit their needs.

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