David discussed some of the WA content in Teck Global's latest electrical switchroom, manufactured by Surge Engineering.

Another sunny winter's day in Perth. David starts this WA Wednesday video with a discussion of the HVAC system behind him. He explains that part of Teck's scope of work is to fully FAT test the switchroom before it is sent up to site. The process involves building the HVAC system in situ, put the ductwork and pressurisation units together, turn the system on, and then balance the air inside. This means that the room is evenly cooled (or heated, depending on the season). The process is non-trivial, but is substantially easier to perform in Perth as opposed to being performed on-site in remote WA.

In terms of WA content, all of the HVAC ductwork and its support structure has been fabricated locally in Malaga, WA. The pressurisation units, by Clean Air Solutions, are also made in Western Australia. The condensor units were made in New Zealand, but David jokingly explains that for the purpose of the video, he would like to call them honorary Australians to emphasise the capability within the region.

The benefit for the client is the COVID-19 pandemic has made it incredibly difficult to workers from outside WA into the state. Therefore, the local expertise and workforce means that if there are any issues when the switchroom is being commissioned on-site, it will be significantly easier to arrange to have a local worker attend the site.

Inside the switchroom, David draws attention to the electrical panel, which houses the control circuitry and equipment, for the HVAC system. The panel has been designed and fabricated in Western Australia. At the time of filming, David explained that the cabinet had been tested and commissioned, and that the HVAC system would then be disconnected to be transported to site.

Next, David shows the LV part of the switchroom. He draws attention to the Magellan Power battery charger unit and the 415V UPS behind him. David explains that these units have been designed and made in WA for longer than he has been an engineer, and that the system is the "go-to standard" for mining switchrooms in Australia. He congratulates Masoud and his team for the tenacity and ingenuity in their work.

In his concluding remarks, David explains that they have used WA content and labour in almost every package that they were able to. Part of this has been because of the difficulties of obtaining equipment from interstate and overseas, and so the ability to have equipment designed and fabricated locally has reduced the risk to the overall project. As a result, David expresses his happiness with being able to deliver this project ahead of schedule for the client.

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