David presents Teck Global's latest electrical switchroom, manufactured by Surge Engineering in Malaga.

It was hard to ask for weather that was any better on this beautiful winter's day in Perth!

David expressed how proud this project had made him feel, primarily because the switchroom's construction is made with a large amount of local content. He remarked that being able to complete a project like this in WA, for WA mining clients, with the help of WA contractors was a source of this feeling.

The switchroom will support a 5km long, overland conveying system, from the client's ROM pad to the main plant. However, he also explained that the switchroom, at the time of recording, appeared looked like a bit of a "shop fit out", with different contractors doing different parts throughout the structure. These including HVAC, fire systems, batteries, commissioning, HV termination and more. A portable generator had just be delivered on the day of recording, and David said that the next step would be connecting it to the switchroom to power up the air conditioning and pressure test the structure. He remarked that whilst there were only a few weeks remaining before the completion deadline, the project was still ahead of schedule, and that he was proud of how everyone involved had come together and cause this to happen.

David expressed his thanks to all those involved in the project and who contributed in some way. He mentioned that it was likely that people may have seen drone footage in the earlier stages, but now the equipment has all been loaded in, and the main tasks that remain are cable termination and commissioning. The intention is that the switchroom will be looking great this week, and will be ready to go to site soon.

Alternatively, we encourage you to get in contact with us for a chat with one of our aforementioned managers!

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