The 18th of April 2018, marked the launch of the first ever Power Protection and Innovation Conference, hosted by Teck Global. We had eighty attendees and it was a very successful inaugural conference.

In this post we will share with you a summary of the speakers so that you can get a flavour of what the conference is all about, and consider attending the 2019 event, as this will be an annual event.


Our event sponsors were:
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Cahors
  • Phoenix Contact

Teck Global

David Zucaro, Managing Director at Teck Global opened the conference by welcoming the attendees and laid out the format for the day. Then he was joined on stage by one of the Teck Global engineers Matthew Green. He shared with us some valuable information and insights on:
  • Arc flash mitigation
  • Arc flash assessments
  • Arc flash calculations
  • Dual feed examples and closed ring examples


Next up was Daniel Abetz from Siemens who did a presentation about Centralised switchboard protection. He spoke about:
  • A stereotypical mine site in WA:
  • A connection to ‘The Grid’ at 132kV or similar
  • Several feeders with overcurrent protection
  • Customer owns step down transformer and associated protection equipment
  • The traditional approach and the problems that arise as a result
  • The benefits outlined in the low impedance approach
  • Commissioning - A lot less time testing the CTs and a simple stability check is required
  • The reduced costs as a result of this approach.

And then David finished with opening the floor to some questions.


After a morning tea break which saw ample opportunity to network, the Cahors team were our next speakers. They spoke to the attendees about:
  • Groupe Cahors and Qingdao Cahors introduction
  • Cahors Sustainable
  • Transformer type
  • Oil Distribution Transformer
  • Self-protected transformers (TPC)
  • Natural esters oil transformer
  • Earthing transformer (BPN)

Phoenix Contact

John Ortika spoke about I/O solution from Phoenix Contact for IEC 61850. Here’s a flavour of what he spoke about:
  • IEC 61850
  • Logical node groups
  • Structure and hierarchy
  • Communication protocols
  • Engineering process
  • Axioline F for IEC 61850
  • Single Power Switches
  • I/O extension for protection relays

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Carlyle Willemse spoke about controlling microgrids with SEL relays. Here is are some of the areas he spoke about:
  • Relays and controllers working together
  • Auto Synchronization process
  • Synchronizing scenarios
  • Two methods to dispatch DERs
  • Incoming and running buses
  • Decoupling methods
  • Trip equation
  • DER relay

After an amazing day of speakers, sharing a wealth of knowledge with the conference attendees, the day finished with some more networking and drinks.

We had fantastic feedback from all who attended and we can’t wait to bring you next year's conference

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