Part of Teck Global’s core design for packaged kiosk substations is to reduce commissioning and testing required on site. A key part of this is the use of Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) in our Remote Operator Panels (ROPs).

Once preliminary testing has been completed on a kiosk, the system is then connected to the client’s network using a 3G modem. This allows us to verify all data has been correctly mapped and that all kiosk statuses and functions are visible to the final operator screens as if the unit was on site. Remote switching is also tested during this phase from operator screens to verify full functionality prior to delivering to site.

Why fully pre-commission:

  • Systems are tested prior to delivery. Faults are rectified prior to dispatch
  • Local support available in metro area for any subsystem testing
  • Allows testing through to final operator screens and familiarisation to final user
  • Reduced site hours for testing
  • Confidence in installing a tested product
  • Shorter shutdown cutovers on site

This additional design feature that is integrated into our product greatly increases the benefits of using a kiosk substation. A recent comparison of engineering commissioning hours on site had realised an 75% reduction in hours required to complete. A communications engineer was not required to attend site for commissioning as all initialising and mapping had been pre-tested, allowing for remote support from a local Perth office.

Only a nominal increase in local testing hours was required to achieve this as the same tests were being conducted but rather than just directly to the RTU it was performed to the client’s operator pages. It also allows a kiosk to be deployed with a greater level of confidence and allows for shorter shutdown periods for cutovers and energisation as many tests have been completed and verified prior to arrival on site.

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