Welcome to the Power, Protection and Innovation 2018 Conference.

Please join us, as leading experts share their thoughts on the latest innovations from the field of Electrical, Power and Protection Engineering. This conference is the first of its kind. Born out of comments from our lunch and learns, it is now a reality, a professional networking style conference.

At Teck Global, we believe that to reach new heights in the power protection and safety standards of today, we should advocate the sharing of knowledge, and empower each other to create and innovate.

Therefore the focus of this conference will be on the Protection Design of various electrical network systems, and recent advancements in the safety standards of international medium voltage equipment. The presentations will highlight what innovative processes others in the industry are practicing to ensure that the highest level of protection and safety standards is achieved. By the end of the conference, you will be up to date with the latest practical developments for overcoming issues and challenges in power protection. Through this, you may gain practical knowledge that can be applied in your own projects, and have an opportunity to discuss any power protection issues you have with our experts. The conference will be attended by those who are interested in solutions to Arc Flash, electrical network issues, and like-minded professionals who wish to improve the protection and safety standards of their electrical engineering projects and products.

Due to the emphasis on Networking, you will be provided with opportunities to network with both local and international guests from the medium voltage industry.

The PPIC 2018 will be held on the 18th of April 2018, we look forward to welcoming you..

The conference will feature 8 presentations sessions:

Machine Learning and Protection

Protection Design of Closed Ring Networks

Centralised Switchboard Protection : Medium Votlage Switchboards

Manufacturing Processes of Transformers: Vegetable Oil Transformers & Earthing Transformers

Introduction to Transformers of Today: TPC Transformer

IEC 61850

Controlling Microgrids with Relays

Networking: Fix your Follow-Up

Please note that a formal invitation will be sent out at the start of Feb 2018 to which you will need to respond to confirm your attendance.

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