Teck Global was engaged to provide a standalone backup supply system for remote equipment, during unplanned supply outages / interruptions. Backup supply for the system was via a low voltage generator which was then stepped up to distribution voltage through a local transformer.

Critical plant equipment needed to be turned back on quickly to maintain processing during an unplanned outage to minimise impact on production.

Original requirements for the project was for an off-grid only supply option to plant, but this would require the backup plant running to be taken offline again when mains power was available. This would cause an undesirable interruption to process supply which was considered avoidable.

Backup supply system delivered with minimal cost

With minimal cost and schedule impact, it was possible to deliver a backup supply system that synchronises to mains supply when it is restored without any additional interruptions. This bumpless return is done after the control system accepts a prompt from the system to return to mains once it has been restored and stabilised. Additional controls to allow for power export from the backup system as a system maintenance check and to cycle fuel were also included in the design.

Distruption to site was significantly reduced

Specific client parameters to when the system would be synchronisation process were also included in this deployment. These prevented the system switching to backup supply except where loss of supply is verified through additional means and is not inhibited by the asset owners control system. Disruption to site operations was significantly reduced from thorough bench testing of the system prior to final deployment with site representatives and final asset owners.

Key benefits of the system include:

  • Automatic switching from mains supply to backup islanded system supply
  • Synchronous return to mains with no power interruption
  • Remote Monitoring and control through to clients control system
  • Automatic switching of downstream equipment on islanded supply for autonomous operation
  • Thorough bench testing to ensure system operates as intended prior to deployment
  • Maintenance mode to verify system operable and allow for fuel cycling

Delivery of a product that exceeded project goals

Whilst the original system requested would have satisfied the clients original needs and expectations, additional engineering and minor equipment modification allowed the delivery of a product that significantly exceeded original project goals. This final system that was delivered has significantly reduced interruptions to processing during an outage and has allowed for a simpler and faster return to normal operating conditions once power is restored.

The inclusion of a maintenance mode to allow for power exporting to the system on a routine basis allows to verify that the backup system is operable and ready for any power loss interruptions that may occur.

Fit for purpose equipment

Teck Global strives to provide fit for purpose equipment and work closely with its clients to help with project goals rather than simply deliver a base product. These works can commonly be done with minimal impacts on costs and schedule if these objectives are considered early in the project life-cycle.

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