The use of kiosk substations allows for a modular, demand based approach to satisfying power needs across a site. Compact, modular design kiosks allow for primary supply power to be distributed much closer to where energy is needed while reducing both installation costs and project schedules. Cost savings are across the board, from civil construction works, trenching, cables and opportunity costs from reduced downtime on existing systems.

Key benefits of a kiosk substation:

  • Major cost savings for remote installations
  • No transformer compound required. No concrete walls, fencing, deep excavating, blue rock
  • Simple pad or plinth installation. Large channel base with cutouts allows for HV Termination.
  • Preterminated connections from transformer to HV switchgear and LV switchboard
  • Commissioned prior to site, all components tested and verified before arrival on site as a package
  • Small physical footprint while being suitable to located close to plant, other services and buildings

Teck Global’s modular design allows for the replacement of all major equipment far more easily than other providers solutions. Large doors on the transformer bays allow for personnel access to inspect terminations and instrumentation. Our kiosks come in a variety of layouts to allow for the most suitable installation for client’s needs. Back to back switchgear configurations for kiosks allows for easy extensibility of LV switchboards to suit project needs without widening the profile of the kiosk.

Integrated Remote Operator Panels (ROP) for our kiosks allow for HV switching to be performed away from the switchgear without having to open the kiosk compartment zones. This adds an element of safety and a creates an interface point for all remote switching wiring required on site. Our kiosks are often fitted with Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs), allowing controls testing can be completed prior to installation. This ensures a safer, pre-verified system to be implemented faster and more confidently on site.

Teck Global kiosks are also supplied with battery chargers and backup battery supplies to allow for switching of switchgear even when main supplies have been interrupted. Specific batteries have been used designed to endure harsh temperatures and life cycle have been chosen. These will keep telemetry systems and ROP controls online to allow for diagnostics and switching as required.

Specific HV control compartment designs or modifications are all possible when dealing with the team at Teck Global. Protection relays such as Siemens and SEL are offered or any others can be nominated and integrated, with full protection studies, configuration and testing of protection relays is offered.

Key benefits of a Teck Global kiosk substation:

  • Remote Operator Panels
  • Integrated Remote Telemetry Units
  • Backup battery and charger for harsh environments
  • Protection Relay grading, configuration, testing
  • Full pre-commissioning prior to site

Whilst there are a number of providers of kiosk substations, Teck Global’s focus on ensures each kiosk is fit for purpose and designed to meet client’s needs, while maintaining quality and managing costs. The additional layers of design that are integrated into our product greatly increases the benefits of using a kiosk substation.

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