Traditionally, kiosk substations have been built and assembled on site, which has its disadvantages. In this post I will look at the advantages of transportable kiosk substations built off site, and the significant benefits obtained from using this type of kiosk.

A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Substations transform voltage from high to low, or the reverse, or perform any of several other important functions.

Traditional electrical substations

Traditional electrical substations have the following characteristics:

  • HV switchgear is in a kiosk
  • LV Switchgear is in a kiosk
  • And the transformer is installed in a large concrete bund which is fenced.

A bund must be engineered and designed. It requires excavation, compaction, form work, pouring and curing time. Cabling must be installed between the HV, Transformer and LV.

Civil works is required which means more excavation, construction of underground conduits, site surveying, clean fill and compacting.

From an electrical point of view, traditional electrical substations require cable pulling, winches, termination and testing. Engineers need to be on site to commission the equipment. The equipment hire is expensive and there are the risks of transport delays.

On site

With these types of substations being built on site, there is exposure to a more hazardous area, which is uncontrolled. It requires interaction with other contractors and operations in the vicinity. This often means that delays are caused by other contractors on the project leading to shutdowns.


The real disadvantages of traditional kiosk substations are the costs. The time on site is expensive due to the following costs: mobilisation, camp and crib costs, flights and accommodation.

Transportable kiosk substations

Whereas transportable kiosk substations have a vast array of benefits versus traditional kiosk substations:
  • Kiosk solution are integrated and fully tested in Perth
  • This significantly lowers on site times
  • It’s a more premium product
  • The transformer bund is protected from rain
  • There is no need for oily water separation
  • And the kiosk can be moved easily and re-used elsewhere if required.

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