In May I headed off to Northern China for a week to do QA inspections on a large transformer project. The weather was definitely warming up and I noticed a lot of changes since my last visit only a few months previous.

The scale and pace of urbanisation is awe inspiring. An entire village that I had once passed through was now a pile of rubble covered in tower cranes and construction workers. It’s phenomenal to observe the changes that are happening to the landscape each time I visit.

The local manufacturer had finished working on the transformer tank and core and were waiting for me prior to assembly. Over my two day visit the transformer was assembled and tested.

The transformer passed all the electrical tests that we conducted which we were very happy with. We also performed a Punchlist walk down and inspection and only had cosmetic issues to deal with.

It is fantastic to see continuous improvement in action, and that mistakes from previous orders have been all been rectified which builds our trust and confidence with our suppliers.

Once I was happy with all of the testing and the results I had my final meal in Qingdao and then I headed off to Jakarta for a few days to do another factory visit.

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Author: David Zucaro, Managing Director, Teck Global.

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