Electrical training in Perth

Electrical Training services at Teck Global

At Teck, we provide a number of training services to help engineers, operators and installers get the most out of their equipment. More specifically, the training we provide can be found below.

Transformer Lunch and Learn Sessions (Free)

We provide free sessions on how to order a distribution transformer and go through the details of the transformer datasheet. This includes discussing the various advantages and disadvantages of transformer design decisions, taking into account financial, maintenance and performance considerations.

Siemens NX Plus Wind Training

This includes:

  • Demonstration unit of NX C plus Wind; available for operator training and pre purchase inspection, review
  • Bus bar installation demonstration

Siprotec S5 Relay Training

This includes:

  • IEC61850 protocol messaging between protection relays
  • P2P protocol
  • Implementation of IEC61850
  • Programming of protection relay and I/O functions (similar to Siemens S7)
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Implementation of protection functions

Why does Teck Global provide electrical training?

We have knowledge and expertise in the field of transformers and HV distribution. As a result, we can provide quality training by transferring knowledge from our experience personnel to provide a practical focus using cutting edge technology here in Perth. We've also experienced inferior training options that are purely theoretical or that use old technology, which allows us to deliver what we think is a superior service for our clients.

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